Jewish Ghetto & Trastevere Semi-private Tour

 from Rome to Rome -  semi private

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Welcome to Rome's most impressive and enriching tour. With an emphasis on architecture, history and art, our expert guides will lead you across the magical city including the Jewish neighborhood and Trastevere. You will witness the 19th century Great Synagogue and the marvelous ancient monument dedicated to the sisters of the first Roman Emperor, Portico d’Ottavia. Not to be forgotten is a visit to the beautiful Renaissance fountain of Taddeo Landini found in Piazza dei Mattei. This semi-private tour of 8 people max is a great in-between option that is both small and economical.
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Afterwards you will cross the antique bridge built by Sixtus the 4th to reach the authentic Trastevere neighborhood - filled with local Italian restaurants and a mesmerizing atmosphere - appealing to anybody's taste. You will also visit one of the most iconic churches of the region dating back to 4th century AD. The church boasts magnificent mosaics of Pietro Gavalini and frescos depicting donations to the Virgin Mary. You will finish the tour passing by the ancient broken bridge ending in the beautiful sacred area of Largo Argentina - where the Theatre of Pompei was discovered and is also the exact location of Julius Cesare's death.


Meeting Point: 5:00 PM at Campo de’ Fiori, near the fountain in the front of the restaurant Carbonara 



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