FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have any questions? Chances are most of them will be addressed below, but if not just email us using the contact form.

Q- Why choose Eden Walks?
A- Firstly, we have over 10 years' experience organizing Rome and Vatican city tours.

We also offer great value for your money with an excellent price of tour vs. size of group ratio.

All of our guides are university graduates, not students, because we pride ourselves on the standard of our tours of Rome and the Vatican and believe in quality over profit. We don't accept second best and neither should you!

All of our guides are native English speakers because what's the point of having an expert if you can't understand them?

Q- Will we have to wait in any lines?
A- There is no line for our Rome Tour at Sunset.

As for the Ancient Rome and Vatican tours every day is a little different, but Eden Walks will always try to make your wait as short as possible.

Q- How do I book a Rome tour or Vatican City tour with you?


  • Step 1 - Choose the tour option which suites you best
  • Step 2 - Choose your tour
  • Step 3 - At the end of each tour page you'll see a button that says 'Book this Tour' which you can click on and it takes you through the booking process. In regards to Private and School Tours, just click the button that says "Contact Us".

Q- Is there any difference between your Family and Private Tours?
A- Yes because while they are both private options, our Family Tours still have certain restrictions such as fixed times, itineraries and duration. Our Private tours on the other hand, allow you to choose what you see, the length of the tour, and what time you start.

Q- Will I receive confirmation?
A- Once you've paid for your Rome or Vatican Tour, a confirmation will be sent to your email. One email confirming your tour and the other detailing the meeting point. If you used the "Contact Us" function, you should receive a reply within a few hours.

Q- The date I choose is fully booked, is there anything I can do?
A- If you can't do the tour on another day you can always contact us directly at edenwalks@gmail.com and we'll try our best to accommodate your request. Another option would be a Private Tour, which allows you the freedom to choose your own time.

Q- Where do we meet for our tour and how will we recognize our guide?
A- After booking your tour, you'll automatically receive a confirmation email. This will contain all of the information you'll need to find us including: meeting place/s, time/s and how to recognize your guide.

Q- Is there a dress code for any of the tours?
A- Only for the Vatican City Tours. Remember the Vatican is a holy place and requires all visitors to cover both knees and shoulders. So, no miniskirts, shorts, vests or offensive T-shirts, (when in doubt just remember if your grandmother would object to what you're wearing chances are the Vatican will too.)

Q -Are your tours wheelchair accessible?
A- Unfortunately many of the places we visit are extremely difficult to access in a wheelchair. Therefore, we can only offer this option as a Private Tour.

Q - I'm thinking about doing a Vatican Tour, why should I book with Eden Walks
A - That's easy - because whether you are looking for a Standard or Private Vatican Tour, we offer an excellent service, expert guides and a great value for your money.

Q - What is the difference between your two options?
A - Our standard Vatican Tour offers our clients a more cost-effective way to experience the Vatican. And with a max group size of 10 people or less, you are guaranteed to never get lost in one of our groups.

Our Private Vatican Tours on the other hand, offer a one-on one-tour experience for those that want to see the Vatican alone or with a few friends or family.

Q - Why do you run your group tours in the afternoon?
A - It is normally a quieter time of day.

Q - Do your Vatican Tours include St. Peter's Basilica?
A - We don't include it, as there is no way of 100% guaranteeing it will be open on a given day (no matter what other tour companies might tell you). As the most important church in Christendom, it is sometimes closed for religious events and state visits etc., and the later are not always made public for security reasons. Therefore, instead of disappointing any of our clients by promising something we can't guarantee, we have decided to simply omit it from our tour offerings. That being said, on the days it is open, we normally finish just in front of it, so you can walk straight in once the tour is over and there is no entrance fee.

Q - Do you cover the Raphael Rooms?
A - We don't usually include the Raphael Rooms, as it means a long detour through the Modern Christian Art section (due to the setup of the Vatican Museums). While many other companies use this as a selling point the reality is, this means adding 35 minutes to your schedule to see one work "the School of Athens".

Q - Do you cover the Vatican Gardens?
A - This is something that can only be done directly through the Vatican.

Q - Is there a dress code for the Vatican?
A - Yes shoulders and knees must be covered.

Q - Is it possible to see the museums in a wheelchair?
A - Yes but due to the layout of the museums we can only offer this service privately.

Q - Where do we meet for our tour?
A- Our meeting point is located close to the Vatican but you will recieve full details via email after you have booked your tour.

Q - When will I receive all nessasary information regarding my tour.
A - Once your booking has been processed, you will receive an automatic confirmation from us. This will be followed by another email.