Rome Alone

Rome is a city known for many things – its 2,000 years of history, countless fountains and over 900 churches. But to me, Rome is the perfect destination for the single traveler. Whether you’re alone for the day or traveling solo, The Eternal City is the best city for roaming around by yourself. Even though you’re never really alone for every long in Italy (since it’s only a matter of time before one of the locals takes you in).
Sure, this is the home of the Vatican and other amazing museums, but Rome is also quite literally an open-air museum. I always encourage anyone visiting to do away with their maps and GPS and lose themselves in the alluring narrow and ivy-covered streets. This is the way you will truly get to know and see the city.
But if you must stick to a schedule, here are a few itinerary options…
Taking a food tour around Rome is a great opportunity to taste the widest variety of Roman delicacies in a short period of time. It’s also the perfect way to meet new people – other travelers and locals alike.
If you’d rather observe from a distance than socialize, Salotto 42 is the spot for some fantastic people-watching. Located in a tiny square across Hadrian’s temple, this is where Italians go to see and be seen. While there is a small seating area inside, the real scene is outside.
Another hotspot (and a bit pricier) is Zuma. This rooftop sushi restaurant on the top of the Fendi Building also has a great aperitivo.
Or end the evening with the Vatican after-hours tour. Only available on Fridays, this intimate option includes live music and a drink. A truly unique way to experience the Vatican.