A weekend in Florence

As ths was our 2nd visit to Florence we didnt feel the need to do the main museums like Uffizi, Duomo etc.

This time we decided to get a private guide to walk us around in a more tranquil fashion. I have to say my wife and I had the most enjoyable day. 

On our to do list was a spot of shopping and with Florence being the centre of leather the world is your oyster whether you want a new jacket, shoes, wallet etc. It was nice not having to pull out the map or phone to know where to go. Instead like having your own butler it was 'Alfred, where can we get some nice leather gloves?' and Alfred would lead us to a few different shops on the way giving us a history lesson about some random piazzas, little churches or gallerias. 

In the end we also visited Santa Trinità and saw:

  • Renunciation of Worldly Goods
  • The Confirmation of the Franciscan Rule
  • The Test of Fire
  • The Miracle of the Stigmata
  • Death of St. Francis
  • The Resurrection of the Boy

all done by Domenico del Ghirlandaio the teacher of Michelangelo, and Museo di Palazzo Vecchio as Alfred got us in fast without the line as he is a registered guide so that was a bonus as skipping the line is definitely a bonus!Some bautiful art in there. Those guys were really talented! Alfred really knows his stuff regards the history of not only Florence but Italy and in particular Rome. 

Needless to say we found a great place to eat some yummy ribollita and a big juicy steak!  (with some chianti to wash it down of course ; )