About us

Eden Walks was founded by two friends with a passion for Roman history and culture who wanted to create an experience that was truly unique and genuine for customers. Comprised by a group of Italian and Foreign guides, Eden Walks has been giving tours around Rome since 2004. 

We are also the only company in Rome who provide tours that work fully within the framework of sustainable tourism. This means all of our tours in Rome are guaranteed to be private, low impact and completely Eco - friendly. So you get to reduce your carbon footprint while talking in the sights and culture of The Eternal City.

After 12 years, we believe that every tour should be as memorable and inspiring as it should be informative. We genuinely care about what we do. But don't just take our word for it…check out one of our tours!

The Staff of Eden Walks

Alma -  CEO, Co-Founder/Most organized woman in Rome

Hi I’m Alma, the CEO and Co-Founder of Eden Walks, I am a travel expert with a degree in languages and in tourism. I have 10 years' experience in Marketing and speak fluent Spanish & English. After travelling the world and visiting over 60 countries, I decided to settle down and move to The Eternal City to continue what I love doing best - this job.

Alfredo - Co-Founder, Owner/Expert on all things Roman & Tango Dancer

My name is Alfredo and I am the Co-Founder and Owner of Eden Walks. With an extensive background in photography and digital art, I worked as a professional wedding photographer for 10 years before I decided to expand my horizons and embark on a new journey. I chose to study Art and Archeology and as a result, I have been working in this field for 7 years. To date, I have led 2,000 tours of the Vatican City and I now know every secret of the Sistine Chapel. An expert on all things Roman, I am also a gifted storyteller, singer, and dancer- most of which you may experience on a tour with me.

Angelo - Chef for Eden Walks/Best Amatriciana in Rome

My name is Angelo and I am the chef for Eden Walk's cooking classes. I have run my own restaurant and can tell you with confidence that my Amatriciana is the best one in town. I've been working in the restaurant industry for many years and the experience I have gained is invaluable. I worked in extremely well-established restaurants in Rome such as La Carbonara, 5-star Hotel Boscolo Exedra and Spaghettari. Come and try one of our tours to learn how to cook the traditional Roman way - using the freshest, local ingredients. 

Lidia - Tour Guide/Expert eater

My name is Lydia and I recently graduated from the University of Cambridge in Modern and Medieval Languages. I work for Eden Walks as a Travel Expert and Marketing Manager: I write for a well renowned blog called Rome Unveiled, giving expert advice about the food, history and culture of Rome. I also lead food and walking tours around Rome for English and German speaking tourists.

Domenica - Tour Guide, Coordinator/Resident "Mom" of Eden Walks

Hi, I’m Domenica and I have a long and established career as a a tailor (or Satorialist in Italian). I have worked as a tailor for an authentic Roman designer, allowing me to meet many experts in the industry. But more recently, changed my career and am now an Assistant for Eden Walks, where I organize tours, and serve as the liaison between the guides and our customers. Being a mother, I know the best things this city can offer that the entire family can enjoy.

Federico - Makeup  Artist  & Hair Stylist/The only Italian man with an American accent
My name is Federico and I am a hairstylist. I worked as a hair dresser and makeup artist for 20 years, spending two years in a luxury salon in Beverly Hills. I was extremely lucky to work in the film and fashion industry during the span of my career. Currently I am living in Rome and I have my own salon in the center of Rome - NOI Salon, located in Piazza del Popolo, where I am happy to offer my services to Eden Walks. 
Flora - Chef & Wine Sommelier/A Jill of all Trades 

Flora is our "Gourmet Lady". Studying at Gambero Rosso for 3 years, her vast experience has brought her to Spain, Albania, Croatia and Tuscany, where she worked during the grape harvest. For this experience, she is able to explain the many differences and complexities of a variety of wines - from Pinot Grigio to Brunello di Montalcino. Not to mention, she can make the best Pizza Margherita in 10 minutes. And don’t even get us started on her incredible, homemade lasagna!

Giuseppe - Tour Guide/George Michael enthusiast 
My name is Giuseppe. I graduated from the University of Sapienza in Philosophy. But if you are looking for an authentic guide in Rome I am your man. Born in the heart of historical of Rome - Piazza del Popolo, I am a proud 7th generation Roman and I know everything there is to know about my amazing hometown. I speak English and French fluently. A huge fan of George Michael, I have been affectionately named the Father Figure of Eden Walks.
Martina- Tour Guide, Eden Walks "Cutiest"

My name is Martina and I have a degree in languages from the University of Sapienza in Rome. I speak Italian, English, French and German. My interests include photography and art and I have won a number of competitions for my painting exhibitions. In 2015, I became a licensed guide for Rome and the Vatican City and I have loved going to work every day since! I also work part-time running a restaurant with my family. La Soffitta Renevazio is situated close to Piazza Risorgimento and is one of the best restaurants in Rome. 

Serena- Full-time Tour Guide/Part-time Forró Dancer

My name is Serena and I am an Archaeologist. I speak Italian, German, Spanish and English. My specific areas of interest are funerary architecture and ancient Roman mural paintings of surviving examples of Roman frescoes. One of my latest publications is about the Pyramid of Cestia, but I have written about many other important Roman monuments. I have been working as a licensed tour guide for the past five years but in 2015 I passed the exam for the Lazio region and now give tours in both Rome and the Lazio provinces.

Simone - Professional Chef & Flamenco Dancer/Dancing with the Stars "Star"

Hi, I’m Simone and I am an ex-professional flamenco dancer at the academy of Seville. I worked as a teacher for the Italian version of "Dancing with the Stars’" but ultimately decided to return to my beloved Rome and start working as an art dealer and painter. I have specialized at Villa Santa Maria in  traditional Abruzzo Italian cuisine for over 10 years now. My favorite dishes are Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, and Carbonara - the Roman trinity of pasta!

Zoriana- Tour Guide/Art lover

My name is Zoryana and I work as a tour guide in Rome and  Vatican City. I speak Italian, Russian and English. I have been living in Rome for 10 years now but I am still fascinated with Italian culture, specifically its unique history and beautiful art. In 2013 I graduated from the University of Sapienza with a degree in Art History. My goal is to share my passion and knowledge for art, culture and food during my guided tours.